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At Workbar, we understand that people just don’t work the way they used to.  Technology has made the workforce more mobile, yet has also increased the need for shared resources, human interaction, and just plain old-fashioned fun at work.  So we’ve created a web of communal workspaces where freelancers, start-ups, and remote employees of larger enterprises can enjoy high quality office amenities at an affordable price.  At convenient and accessible locations around the cities of Boston and Cambridge, we provide an extraordinary workplace for our members; meeting rooms to meet with clients and give presentations; event space; and a wide variety of social and educational programming including happy hours, lunch seminars, workshops, and networking events.  In a nutshell, Workbar offers the professionalism of a corporate office, the flexibility of a gym, and the comfort of a cafe.

Made up of thriving start-ups, creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and enterprise teams, the interactive and collaborative atmosphere of Workbar is here to give you access to all of the resources your business needs to grow.  Our members not only enjoy a motivating and productive work environment, but a strong network of friendship and support from a vibrant community full of professional and social connections ready and willing to help each other build, create, and grow.

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Technology has changed the way people work and Workbar is at the forefront of this transformation. We are expanding fast and looking for quality people to pitch in and help us grow our team.

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Jobs at Workbar

Senior Developer

Our Members are Hiring!

Graphic Design & Front End Web Developer
Cone Media, Boston

IT Systems Engineer
Boston IT Services, Boston

Marketing and Sales Associate
Boston IT Services, Boston

Administrative Associate | New England Territory Sales Representative
Runa Tea, Boston/Cambridge