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Meet, greet, invent, relax & engage! Workbar is a multi-use event venue and we are happy to host your next event. Email us for more information, or book a conference room for smaller meetings.

Fri, Oct 24th • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Boston

Workbar Event: 

Our Lunch & Learn Series starts back up again with a class on how to tell a story using video. Student leave with a better sense of the process/steps of successfully making an effective video. Alan Grazioso is an award-winning digital storyteller based in Boston who’s traveled to 30 countries and filmed on 5 continents.

Fri, Oct 31st • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Cambridge

Workbar Event: 

“If the zombie apocalypse started tomorrow, would I know how to survive, or just end up as zombie bait?” Join us for a special haunted Lunch and Learn, with a brief presentation to expand your tasty brains for the impending zombie horde. Shawn Hesse is a registered architect and sustainability expert with emersion DESIGN – an architecture and sustainability consulting firm with offices in Cambridge and Cincinnati. Shawn is also a self taught zombie expert, through years of study including comics, board-games, books, movies, video games, and real world simulations. Shawn’s insights about the Zombie Apocalypse have earned him speaking invitations at international conferences and sustainability focused events throughout the country.

Fri, Nov 7th • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Boston

Workbar Event: 

This is a first time homebuyer class and one of the most popular that is offered by HomeBenefitIQ. Students will understand the homebuying process including, mortgages, the real estate market and common pitfalls for first time buyers. Saul Lookner is the plan director for the HomeBenefitIQ program. He oversees all lunch and learns, workshops, and seminars. This includes scheduling with organization contacts and with specific HomeBenefitIQ experts.

Fri, Nov 14th • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Boston

Workbar Event: 

In this hands-on, interactive session, participants will learn actionable tips, systems, and processes for managing their time and environment to support their best work. We will also cover: priority management, lessening the impact of exhaustion, unpacking why we procrastinate, adapting tools to overcome it, identifying what (and who) gets in our way, building appropriate defense. Based on the North Shore of Massachusetts and serving globally, Linda Stacy is a public speaker, a workshop facilitator, and a productivity coach.

Fri, Nov 21st • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Boston

Workbar Event: 

As an immigration lawyer with more than ten years’ experience, Adrienne J. Vaughan has found that solo and small companies often perceive the process of hiring a foreign national as too daunting. They pass over some of the best candidates that could take their company to the next level. Ms. Vaughan provides a blueprint for the process of hiring a foreign national so that you understand the costs and risks involved in making informed decisions.

Fri, Dec 5th • 12:00pm – 1:30pm • Boston

Workbar Event: 

In the excitement of starting your business, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of thoughtfully splitting the equity pie with co-founders to avoid messy situations down the road. We know that talking about how to split the pie can be uncomfortable, but it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as the tension that will arise if you don’t have the conversation up-front. In this class, we’ll approach the issue head-on and walk you through the various factors to consider when discussing and negotiating equity splits among co-founders.