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Meet, greet, invent, relax & engage! Workbar is a multi-use event venue and we are happy to host your next event. Email us for more information, or book a conference room for smaller meetings.

Mon, June 23th, 20146:00 pm – 8:00 pmCambridge

Sponsored Event: What’s going on with Russia & Ukraine? Why is it happening? What’s the international response, and what are the consequences of intervening? Get all your questions answered about this important issue, and discuss with other people curious about what’s going on. The evening will be a combination of presentation, Q&A and open discussion. The overview will be given by Asbed Kotchikian, Senior Lecturer at Global Studies Department at Bentley University. The Civic Series is a set of regular events, each one intended to breakdown and provide non-partisan, background information on complex global and national issues. Sessions include topics like Syria, Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, the state of the American prison system, and others. Learn more and suggest a topic at www.thecivicseries.com.

Tues, June 24th, 20146:00 pm – 8:00 pmBoston

Hosted Event: Are you a young entrepreneur in Boston? Great! We want to see you on June 24th! Boston Young Entrepreneurs meets monthly to share ideas, offer feedback and support, and build community among young Bostonians interested in entrepreneurship.
Founded by Panos Panay (founder of Sonicbids) and Isabel Hardy (founder of ONEin3 Boston), the group is back after a hiatus, and that is cause for celebration! For our first meeting, LeanBox founder Shea Coakley will present the LeanBox business plan and will crowdsource your help on some specific challenges and overall growth strategy. We hope you’ll be there to help him out! Hosted by ONEin3 Boston and Workbar

Wed, June 25th, 20146:00 pm – 8:00 pmCambridge

Hosted Event: Workbar and DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) have teamed up to support Boston’s financial services startup community. Come help us celebrate the launch of the DCU Center of Excellence in Financial Services over beer and wine and delicious snacks! The DCU Center of Excellence is a finance sector startup workspace, where new companies can work around their peers, collaborate with each other, tap the expertise of DCU’s management team, and garner industry specific mentorship.

Wed, Aug 13th, 20146:30 pm – 8:30 pmCambridge

Hosted Event: Did you know that founding teams with multiple co-founders have a greater chance of success? If you’re looking for someone to join your venture, looking for a venture to join, or open to either, sign up and attend our local, in-person Meetups to discover the perfect co-founder to round out your team. You’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are as energized as you are about launching a new business and who possess a wide range of unique experiences, ideas, and skills. Unlike some networking events which lack structure and are cluttered with a large amount of people with varying intentions‚ our Meetups are laser-focused to help you find a co-founder.