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Meet, greet, invent, relax & engage! Workbar is a multi-use event venue and we are happy to host your next event. Email us for more information, or book a conference room for smaller meetings.

Thurs, April 3th, 20147:00 pm – 9:00 pmBoston

Workbar Sponsored: The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women invites you to attend I Heart Equal Rights featuring Jessica Valenti, feminist activist and author. Valenti was named one of the Top 100 Inspiring Women in the World by The Guardian and frequent contributor to The Nation, Ms. Magazine and The Washington Post. Join them for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and professional networking opportunities as they discuss equality in the workplace and honor the 51st Anniversary of The Equal Pay Act and The Feminine Mystique!

Mon, April 14th, 20146:00 pm – 9:00 pmBoston

Workbar Sponsored: These seasoned entrepreneurs take the stage for seven minutes each, sharing stories of how they built their companies and what they wished they could have avoided in retrospect. From public failures to private headaches, expensive mistakes to time-wasting partnerships, these tales from the trenches will not only be educational and thought provoking, but will give audience members a glimpse into someone else’s journey in a way that otherwise would be impossible to know. Think TED talks – but shorter!

Wed, April 16th, 20146:00 pm – 9:00 pmCambridge

Workbar Powered: Let it be decided, you shall join us for an evening of verbal battle! Come be part of a great debate where area entrepreneurial and tech communities verbally duke-it-out on timely issues. Why? To hash things out in public, build some awareness, raise some money for good causes and of-course have some fun! Debate #1: SEC regulations should require that, in order to go public or remain publicly-traded, U.S. companies will need to have a majority of women on their boards of directors. Women are today under-represented on corporate boards. (When Twitter went public in 2013, it had zero women on its seven member board.) Yet a majority of the U.S. population are women, and according to the Boston Consulting Group, American women control 73 percent of household spending. Public companies would greatly benefit from having a majority of their board members be women, and the government should pass legislation requiring all public companies achieve that goal.

Thurs, April 17th, 201410:00 am – 5:00 pmCambridge

Hosted Event: Attend an Open Call where you will be given the opportunity to do a 1-minute pitch of your business/product/idea to a member of the Casting Team—just like you would as if you were on the show. Come prepared to wow and dazzle them. Only the first 500 applicants are guaranteed to be seen so arrive early to secure your numbered wristband. Be advised: security may check your bag and you are responsible for your own parking. Workbar has no other info other than what is listed on the website. PLEASE DO NOT CALL US FOR INFO. We are taking calls from members of the press only.

Tues, April 22nd, 20146:00 pm – 9:00 pmCambridge

Hosted Event: Join us to unveil Linkapedia in Boston! As part of a multi-city tour, we welcome people to test out, demo and explore our stealth mode discovery engine. Now there’s a GPS for the internet. Over 95% of the world is now connected by cell phones. We are building the Linkapedia and a companion social site called “the interest place” to enable curiosity driven learning outside normal educational institutions. We also believe there is more than test scores in life. What if the teens of the world were truly connected through every area of interest as well as academic subjects? Well soon they can be. Drinks and appetizers provide.