Workbar is defined by its eclectic community of members who cross all industries and skill sets.

David Chancogne


Traackr offers a comprehensive influencer discovery platform to find influencers, manage engagement, and measure results. Its technology ensures results that always include people, the driving forces in any conversation.

Mike Rheaume


SnapKnot is an online resource that helps engaged couples and wedding photographers easily connect with each other. SnapKnot is currently focused on cultivating key partnerships within both the photography and wedding industries.

Mike Iamele

Torch Communications

Torch Communications is a specialized consulting group serving the communication needs of some of the leading thinkers in the disruptive technology, life science, clean energy, and health 2.0 communities.

Christina Tamer

Invested Development

Invested Development is an impact investment firm that invests in seed stage, for-profit social enterprises that have innovative solutions for poverty through mobile technology and alternative energy.

C. Todd Lombardo


Todd has over 15 years of experience creating change in the corporate world. He excels at bridging connections from different areas and believes in the power of thinking visually for effective communication.